Social Alert - Girls Only (sorry fellas)

From the awesome Sarah Brown ... _____

Women of CrossFit, It is time to get together. Bring an app if you like (the food kind), something to drink perhaps, and I'll round us out with a few paleo-friendly desserts - let's keep it simple. Maybe we'll be inspired to cook up a pre-Christmas season nutrition challenge...or maybe we'll just get a bit tipsy and goad each other into feats of strength, who knows!

Start planning the car pools, ladies, I want to see you all present. If Amber Campbell's still lugging that baby around, maybe she'll DD ;-P There's also talk of some kind of bus.

As a secondary item, my Norwex rep will be there for a bit if anyone's interested. I love the stuff - no chemicals, mostly just add water for cleaning, some helpful post-WOD products. No presentation per se, just an "as interested" basis - no pressure. Check Norwex out here:

Sarah Brown

Date: October 11, 2014, starting at 7 p.m. Address found on FB event, per below

PS - Please RSVP to the Facebook event, found within the "CrossFit Ladies 30 day challenge" group: If you're not part of the group, get on it!