Thursday, August 28, 2014

Helllllloooooooo Everyone!

We are back at it for another day. Great, Great work yesterday (or today, whenever you may look at this) with the Clean and Jerks. With a bit more instruction, patience, and practice we know you all will continue to make leaps and bounds with these movements. 

For today we have something a little different, a little longer coming at you!


OH Squat x 5 x 3 (from the rack position)


Partner Pullups


15min EMOM

0: 5 OH Squats 

1: 10-15 Pullups or Ring Rows

2: 10-20 Box Jumps

A lot of opportunity today for everyone to work on some skills and then get into a longer workout to end the day!

Keep it in mind that on Friday we will be heading outside to the UPEI track for our afternoon classes (4:30/5:30pm)!!!

See you all soon!!

- Team 782