New Personal Training Sessions

Now you can get a 1 hour one on one session for only $20. Let us help you set your goals for 2016 while learning basic CrossFit movements and nutrition.

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How Do I Start?

Come try it out at no charge every Saturday at 12:00 when we offer a free intro class.

After that there are a few ways to start:

1. Group Fundamentals ($135): take our 8 session group with 10 to 15 people three times a week over 3 weeks. These classes are generally taught on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturdays at noon. During this time you will build up your fitness level as we teach you the movements fundamental to CrossFit including squats, dead lifts and pressing overhead.

2. Semi Private Fundamentals ($135): with a smaller group we will teach the same movements over 4 sessions. This is arranged on an as requested basis subject to instructor availability and is a great option for those who can't make the Group Fundamental classes.

3. Testing In ($75): if you already know the basic CrossFit movements as well as cleans and overhead squats, you can book an hour long review session in which one of our instructors will assess your movements.

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