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CrossFit 101 is an eight week program designed to introduce you to the fundamental CrossFit movements while helping you improve your fitness. 

Through the eight weeks you will learn how to move your body correctly through gymnastic, weightlifting and conditioning-based workouts.

With our proven combination of constantly varied workouts with functional movements, CrossFit 101 will give you all the great high intensity interval training you need to get stronger and more fit.

Tell Me More About CrossFit 101

I’m a little nervous about CrossFit. How is CrossFit 101 different?

CrossFit 101 is very similar to our regular CrossFit program but without using advanced gymnastic movements or heavy barbells that some may find intimidating initially.

How much does CrossFit 101 cost?

CrossFit 101 costs $250 for each 8 week session.

Do I need to do Fundamentals prior to starting CrossFit 101?

No. You don’t need to take our normal Fundamentals program (cost of $135) before starting CrossFit 101.

Can I start CrossFit after I do CrossFit 101?

Yes. You can switch over to the regular CrossFit classes after you complete an 8 week CrossFit 101 session without having to do Fundamentals.